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The Breakdown: Parts of a sneaker

Sneakers, just like other products are usually an assembly of multiple parts working in tandem to producte a desired result. A simple product like a hammer has two main parts (A head and a handle) while a product like a cellphone may be made of hundreds of parts. The adult human body is comprised of 206 bones with 22 of them found in the foot. Wow! Wrapping up these precious parts are you guessed it your sneakers. Now sneakers can range from the simplicity of a chuck Taylor all-Star to the complexity of a LeBron 11, but most shoes can be broken into 2 main parts. The Upper (the area covering the top and sides of the foot) & the Sole or "tooling" which is compromised have the midsole (cushioning) and outsole (traction where shoe meets the ground).

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