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      // Born and raised in New York City, Max spent his youth
traveling and developing a fondness for art, music, design and
footwear. Inspired to create a better future through
creativity & solid design, Max focuses on innovating experiences
that enhance the lives of his clients and customers.
        As a “kid from Queens” Max invested many years into
studying, learning and perfecting his problem solving
skills to better serve the people through the Market. Combining

tailored fit principles from his Grand-Fathers ,a sensitive aesthetic from his father and tutelage from footwear pioneers such as D’wyane Edwards, Max has a fire for footwear, fashion & business.

       With Art, Science and an education in Industrial Design, Juste

is poised to grow and improve the lives of his clients, customers, partners & heirs. From working to relaunch Etonic, a Lifestyle Brand, crafting products with retailers such as BARNEY’S NEW YORK and BAIT, to developing innovative branding for Adidas,

Max is ready to take the next step in his design career. //


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